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Visiting Fihalhohi Island Resort in The Maldives: A Little slice of Heaven

In mid September, Alex and I had been traveling around local islands in the Maldives, as backpackers and staying in guesthouses for a while. We had been on Maafushi Island and went for fishing in the ocean for the first time, and then headed up to the north to Dharavandhoo Island in Baa Atoll to observe local culture and life and went for swimming with Manta Rays at Hanifaru Bay, then hopped to the east to Rasdhoo Island in North Ari Atoll and had a great day snorkeling and enjoying the most impressive sand bank we’ve ever been to. We gathered an enormous of wonderful experiences and it made us failed head over heels in love with the Maldives.

When our time almost came to an end, we decided to visit a private island once. We chose Fihalhohi Island Resort to be our last stop before heading to my homeland Thailand. We were thinking about spending the rest of the year in Thailand as it’s a good time to explore more for both of the mountains and the sea.

Fihalhohi Island Resort

It’s located in South Male Atoll, a 40-minute boat trip from Male or the airport. We considered this island as a peaceful location to be almost alone in the whole west and south-west of the Atoll (Adaaran Club Rannalhi is the only neighbor). No engine noise bothering us during our stay.

It was a beautiful day the day we arrived and lucky us, the weather had been so nice the entire time we had been spending our time here.




A Classic Bungalow or A Water Villa

We stayed in both types, a classic room for a few days and then moved to a water villa. The classic room  was old but nice enough and clean, private entrance is provided. I think this was a good choice to save up some moneys as we spent most time on the beach and involved with kind of adventures (Sneaking on birds and swimming with sharks, rays, fish, dolphins…etc.).

The beach on the Classic room side isn’t as beautiful as the Water Villa side but it’s nice enough to enjoy the sun and the sea, it’s a lot of baby reef sharks  and school of fish on this side to play with. The white sandy beach is 3 minutes walk from here!




The water villa come with a traditional Maldivian decoration style, it’s also old but very well kept, very nice and clean. Actually, we chose this place because we wanted to feel a little bit of retro so this place was right! We chose to spend the last day here to just rest (Well, last time I checked, we went to swim with those little cute fish behind the villa almost the entire afternoon and again in the morning, so yeah, that’s how we rest! Lol).





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Where to Eat

The palm grove restaurant is the only restaurant on the island serves a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food was varying and delicious! We took a half board as we don’t drink and normally skipping lunch. So we had a breakfast and went for adventures, having an ice cream or some snacks or fruits during the day, and then had a dinner in the evening.


There are the fishermans bar and the blue lagoon bar serve wine and cocktails, also the surf café serves light salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas throughout the day, and there are a grocery and ice cream shops as well.

Time for Adventures

We rented the fins from Water Sports Center and couldn’t help went snorkeling every day. The water was very clean and clear, the reef was nice, a lot of sharks and many fish. We couldn’t only lay on that white sandy beach, sorry not sorry! We saw a pod of dolphins during snorkeling every day which made us very very happy. Looked like mothers were teaching her babies to jump and dance, what a fascinating entertainment for us human! We had been waiting to see the dolphins for weeks, for some reasons, we hadn’t seen them until we came to Fihalhohi Island. They just came so close to the beach. Look at the left side of the photo below, the dolphins came here at the dark blue corner , very close to the beach!







Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset AND Don’t forget to look for the Blue Tear

It was amazingly beautiful sunrise and sunset every day when we were here. But I guess, we can see this kind of beautiful almost everyday if we are in the middle of the ocean?


We also discovered the Blue Tear, glowing planktons on the beach against million stars in the night. That was my first time seeing something like this, I was happily jumping and dancing like a child while Alex was trying to capture stars’ photo. The Blue Tear season is usually starting from mid-autumn to early winter (July to November).

Also, the charming of sunrise is always worth waking up for (In the ocean at least)!

So the conclusion: Fihalhohi Island Resort is a good budget resort and worth the money!


Among the entire amazing things, on the heavenly island, you don’t see or learn anything about local culture and life. And being there, somehow, sometimes it was awkward. We didn’t have many conversations with people like we did elsewhere. But I understood that people came to the middle of nowhere to seek for relaxation and serenity, or for any reason, it’s way of private island resort life!



Accommodation Rates (Low Season)

  • Classic Room: $ 150 – $ 200 USD per night
  • Water Villa: $350 – $500 USD per night

Not included: 12 % VAT, US$ 6.00 Environment fee per person per night, 11.2 % Property service charge, US$ 140.00 Transfer fee per person per stay.

Renting Fins: $5 USD / person / per day

Spa and excursions: available on site.

Happy Traveling!


13 comments on “Visiting Fihalhohi Island Resort in The Maldives: A Little slice of Heaven

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful life you and your husband live. I remember the fish lighting up at night when my husband and I stayed on Spanish lookout caye. It is like a fireworks show underwater, really cool and something everyone should see at least once in their lives. Baby dolphins are so adorable. little miniatures of their moms, another beautiful thing to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Sounds wonderful about fish lighting up at night, I wish I’ll have a chance to see them once. Baby dolphins are really adorable, they had mad my day :D


  3. The Maldives are really astonishing and paradise on Earth. We’ve been there a couple of months ago and it’s probably the most charming place we’ve ever been to. What did you like best there, Anne?


    • I agree with you, the Maldives are really charming and have so much to offer. Not only the beauty of topography or adventures they’re offered but also culture and life are fascinating :D


  4. What a great photo tour…. Maldives is on my bucket list.


  5. To travel is one thing, but to do it with someone dear to you is completely a different story. Cheers to you guys and more power. :)


  6. Wow the place looks Serene! Lovely pics.! We missed our chance to visit this beautiful place when we were in India :(


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