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How Penang looks like and Street Art Murals in Georgetown

Back in 2014, when I left Thailand first time, traveling along with Alex on motorcycle. Roughly 1,150 km we made from Bangkok to Penang Island, Malaysia, and then headed up to Cameron Highland, and keep traveling on and on…


I was exhausted from a journey as I had never done something like being on the road for days, specifically on motorcycle. The consequence is, as I was really foamy so I wasn’t being able to see or remember how amazing the place was.

So it’s nice to be back again when I’m already been through many battlefields.


Penang this time was vibrant, witty, yummy (ummm…) and fun to be around.

The island is fulfilled with kind of vibrant retro architectures and Georgetown is also a protected UNESCO Heritage site, varies of food particularly Chinese and Indian food which are our favorite. And I was just realized how ignoring I was when Alex was trying to point out at those creatively witty street art murals in Georgetown whilst we were walking there.

Chinese chicken rice from YueHong Food on Jalan Rangoon, yum yum!
Little India alley

So this time was like a redemption. We went to play with those street arts as much as our energy was still green. But sorry I’m not sorry, I don’t have a map where to find them, let’s surprise yourself, so I’d say “go on, just venture out there and you will see it”.

Let’s play together… :D


Can I also have this one please?


May I borrow your high heels?

But I will point out at a place to have these delicious and ummmm dice éclairs and cutie drinks in the photo below. It was from Lavish Fusion Bakery and hint, it’s close by one or two of the lively street arts on Lebuh Victoria Street.

Have a sweet tooth <3
Map of Lavish
Let’s go find Lavish Fusion Bakery

I also still want to point out a little bit more, to see a beautiful city landscape of Penang is to vision from Kek Lok Si Temple view point, not from Penang Hill.

It’s how Penang looks like form Kek Lok Si view point



  • Roaming around Penang by a scooter is the most convenient. There are many shops to rent out a scooter for 30 Ringgit per day on Lebuh Chulia Street in George Town.
  • We love to roam around George town on foot but there is a “trishaw” a lovely traditional tricycle touring (Adventuring!) service but there are no fixed prices so you might need to haggle a bit for a better price.

13 comments on “How Penang looks like and Street Art Murals in Georgetown

  1. This looks amazing the photos are so good!! 😁


  2. Wow…I love your photos. What beautiful murals, thanks for sharing.


  3. Your photos are beautiful and very entertaining … I want to visit Penang too!


  4. Fantastic blog. I love Penang, very cultural and lots of delicious food! 😊


  5. I used to study in Penang for a year and the best part about Penang is the food!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree! I was very happy to be in Penang and savored scrumptious food after a month in The Maldives. Not that I didn’t like Maldivian food but Panang really has more to offer :D

      Liked by 1 person

  6. waoo , its a really amazing lovable art ,
    thanks for sharing a such a amazing article with us


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