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Maafushi Island 2: Wonderful morning fishing trip

On the second day on Maafushi, Alex and I woke up early to catch the sunrise. Walking on local beach at sunrise was serenity and fabulous. After the light shining through the clear water, it revealed all the lovely creatures that lives there. We saw baby sting rays, a sea snake, a lot of cute fish and also we saw a baby shark first time there. Bonus, a funny laughing seagull who was hanging around always make us laugh every time thinking about her.


When we were observing around the small pier near the prison (Remember, there is a prison on the west side of Maafushi),  there was a boat arriving with tourists form a morning fishing tour. They got, maybe, 5 tuna fish.

It wasn’t that good today”, the Maldivian fisherman (and also being a guide) said after showed us the tuna fish laying peacefully in the box. Which mean, usually they got a lot more, but that was already awesome for us.

For a second, I thought it could be fun to go fishing in the ocean…

And seemed like Alex heard my though, “Annie, would you like to go fishing?

So we took the morning fishing trip through our guest house Zest Cabana, which is co-operating with Reel Line Maafushi.

We got an appointment at 8 am in the following day, which we thought, to go fishing, we need to wake up and get ready at 4 am.

“That won’t be necessary”, Mohammad the guest house manager assured us.

And yeah, totally agreed, happy sleeping, there was no need to wedge our body from the bed so early!


It was thunder storm almost all night, and was still very cloudy in the morning. I thought our trip could be canceled but it wasn’t! We, James our guide, Our Captain, Alex, and I went out to the moody ocean right on time at 8 am. James told us to relax, they got this, and what we got to do is just enjoying fishing!!


And yeah, they know what they were doing and everything was under control! ;D

James taught us many things, from how to throw the rod, to fish behavior, where would the fish and what fish will be at any given time and be calm…

Alex was way better than me a lot, as I’ve got a weaker arms and realized I need to train harder to be stronger. Yeah I mean it!



Nevertheless, it was really fun and pleasantly. Edgy waves weren’t bother us that much. We got GT fish and Dogfish tuna. Actually, James caught it.

We also tried to catch tuna by trying to drag the rope when the boat running but didn’t have any luck. To catch tuna fish, we need to wake up like 4 am as we though, never mind!

 Note! Morning fishing: $25 USD/person provided by Zest Cabana x Reel Line Maafushi, and we also got some Dogfish tuna meat to cook at the guest house!

4 comments on “Maafushi Island 2: Wonderful morning fishing trip

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  3. Mohd Fathi

    Hi sir,
    Can u give me contact for fishing guide. Tq


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