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Maafushi Island: beautiful, touristy but also peaceful

Maafushi is the first local Island Alex and I have visited in the Maldives after Hulhumale and the capital city Male. It was like a baby butterfly in my stomach during a 30-minute speedboat ride from Male, the boat wasn’t shaking or flying that much but still (I called) brutal. And also exited and couldn’t wait to see our new destination local island. I guess that time we had just had enough of city life.


We arrived on Maafushi in the late afternoon. The island is considering small and walkable, and urm..  I didn’t contact our guest house to pick us up beforehand, because actually I didn’t know (or didn’t care enough??) that it’s something basically provided in the Maldives, BUT we were fine to walk. We got our backpacks on our backs and began to walk through the island to find our guest house on the other side of the pier by ourselves.

The island was quiet, wasn’t many tourists, actually we didn’t see even one when we were walking to our place. It’s also sunny day with blue skies, was really beautiful in our eyes and impressed.


With a google map, we arrived at our guest house “Zest Cabana” on the back side of the island easily. Our room was simple but good enough to get a good night sleep. The manager and the staffs were also nice and helpful.

We stayed on Maafushi for 8 nights, the island was almost empty until the beginning of Eid al-Adha (Muslim holidays, August 31 –September 4). As we really didn’t have a fix plan so we decided to stay on Maafushi through the holiday, but Zest Cabana was fully booked form August 31, so we moved to “Holiday Lodge” on the front- west of the island near Maafushi Prison (Did I mention that there is a prison on Maafushi?) and after another 2 nights, we moved again to the (look like being more) touristy area “Kuredhi Beach Inn” for 2 more nights.

When we were on the back side with a local beach was peaceful but interesting. It was nice and funny to wake up in the morning by laughing seagull alarm with crows chit chatting behind our window, it wasn’t annoying or frustrating when we had a good sleep all night and woke up because of this nature’s cuteness! Yeah! Yes!!!

Walking on the local beach in the morning was blessed. We saw many lovely marine creatures such as baby sting rays, a sea snake, a lot of cute fish and also we saw a baby shark first time there. It was very over exited, we both ran here and there to see him as long as we can. Actually. It was a good practical of increasing the excitement step by step, we saw a bit of things here in Maafushi and then more and more from a few next islands until we started to get used to it and being calm enough to be like, look at that shark, not like oh my f… gosh look look look at that sharkkkkk!!






Local beach on Maafushi
August 2017: There was still a big garbage dump on the back – west side near prison which I hope the better solution will come up really soon! Please!!

When we moved to the front-west side near the prison was hopeless to get a nice sleep during our stay, it was very windy which made our door shaking non-stop all night, I guess it was impacted from those hurricanes.

So we ended up with moving again to the middle of Bikini beach! And… in the middle of party! I though we were moving for a peace, why did you do that Annie?!! We love adventure but not that into party hard (anymore) and really love a good quality sleep now.

I though everywhere on Maafushi will be quiet, because since we stepped on the island, it was quiet every day. But it wasn’t that party really hard on the bikini beach area, it was just loud music until late night without alcohol.

But staying close to Bikini Bbeach was handier to get to the beautiful turquoise water and white sandy beach, so forgive me?

Due to the Maldives is an Islamic country, so bikini is not publicly allowed BUT it is allowed at the Bikini Beach so that we can enjoy sand and sea happily. On other parts of island, I preferred to wear light long pants instead of short when walking around the island and I felt good and right.



Maafushi is kind of friendly for tourist, many guest houses with a lot of restaurants and a lot of groceries. Also you will find almost everything tourist entertains here; water sports and activities, snorkeling and diving tours. Etc.




Note! Speedboat Male – Maafushi: $25 USD/person and 30-minute ride.


10 comments on “Maafushi Island: beautiful, touristy but also peaceful

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  2. Beautiful, almost like being there. Thanks for sharing. My husband and I have always wanted to visit the Maldives. I remember when we were visiting Belize (before kids) and the place we stayed in had a pelican that would wake us up every morning. We started calling him Pete the Pelican…so cute. The wind was scary on Spanish Lookout Caye and the water would splash up through our floorboards. Besides the cook and his wife being there, we were the only other humans on the whole island…we accidentally went during hurricane season. I loved that crazy adventure.

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    • Ahh we also want to visit Belize, actually want to travel around Central America :)
      Visiting the Maldives during hurricane season also wasn’t that bad. It had rained for a few days and then everything turned back to beauty blue skies and it was also manta and blue tear season so it was a lovely adventure :D


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  6. Beautiful ❤ 💙 💜 💛


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