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Rise to the top with Sky Costanera in Santiago, the highest skyscraper in South America

We would say Sky Costanera is one of our favorite places in South America. At a height of 300 meters, highest in South America with panoramic view of Santiago city surrounded by snow mountains was very impressed, specifically sunset time was spectacular.


Sky Costanera is located in the Costanera Center with six-floor shopping mall, nice place to wander, shopping and various types of restaurant. The elevator will take you up to the 61st floors then you can take the escalator to the next floor, it will be the same view but itโ€™s open so you can feel the temperature.

They are open every day 10 am to 10 pm as same as the shopping mall, but the last elevator ride going up is at 9 pm. E-ticket is available or go to purchase the ticket at the Sky Costanera ticket booths, at Costanera Center’s low level. There are discounts for seniors, children and students and it’s cheaper on Wednesdays. I believe that the approximately $12 USD entrance fee is reasonable.


We took a metro to El Golfย station and then walk the 500 m to the building. It was Wednesday so we got a discount, nice! It also wasnโ€™t crowded on a week day. We went up around 4 pm and had been spending a long evening admiring the view of Santiago city from blue sky to yellow and orange, and until it turned into the colorful twilight, beautiful and impressive sunset!

Here are some more photos, enjoy and have a nice evening! :)






5 comments on “Rise to the top with Sky Costanera in Santiago, the highest skyscraper in South America

  1. Stunning photos!


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