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Visiting The Perito Moreno Glacier: Beautiful and Wonderful

The Perito Moreno Glacier is located in Los Glacier National Park in El Chalafate near the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, Argentina, the glacier is considered to be the 8th natural wonder of the world, and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981.

Visiting The Perito Moreno Glacier was one of my big dreams and I was beyond exited to see them with my own eyes!


Alex and I arrived in El Chalafate by an early bus from Rio Gallegos, a city on the Gallegos River in southern Patagonia. As we came from Puerto Madryn, after had been visited the the biggest Magellanic penguin colony in the world (We’re so in love with the penguins!), we flew down south to Rio Gallegos but there was no flight from Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos, so we took a flight from Trelew, a city located 65 km south of Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos instead, and then took a 4-hour early bus ride to El Chalafate.



El Calafate at first sight was like a dream, a colorful small town lies beside a turquoise lake decorates with snow mountains behind. Stunning!

We stayed at Calafate Hostel, a 10-minute walk from bus station, comfy and clean, breakfast included, nice staff, Wi-Fi was working well, good location but not really in city center as we always prefer to sleep a bit outside downtown – the farther, the more peaceful! The city was well developed with a lot of shopping and restaurants, high price as a tourist city and a bit higher compare to other tourist cities in Patagonia. The city wasn’t that so big, so it’s fine to stay anywhere around.

It was in the mid autumn, skies were mostly so blue, everything was colorful and beautiful, but the temperature was getting lower and lower every day and more cold with strong wind in Patagonia, the strongest wind I’ve ever encountered, and mostly hostels in South America didn’t have heater, so be prepared!



Magnificent autumn road in Patagonia almost made me cry

I was still a bit sick when we had arrived in El Calafate, I had got a cold since Buenos Aires: I had a runny nose, and cough a lot. But I couldn’t wait too much longer to Visit the glacier, so after checked in to the hostel, finished lunch then we went back to the bus station and bought an early bus tickets to the glacier for the next day. The round-trip ticket was 450 Argentina Peso each.

We woke up early in the following day, packed some snacks, food and hot tea with us as usual, finished breakfast quickly, and went direct to the bus station. The bus left the station around 8:15 am, and took around 1-hour ride.

The road to the glacier was so picturesque, colorful with green to yellow, to orange and red leaves with blue sky and emerald lake. It made me realized how I was thinking when I started to travel in 2014, From Thailand to Patagonia was too far and way too expensive to effort and even thinking about!


When I started work with Alex, at the beginning was very hard, we earned small and the job was hard (at least for me!) but from times to times, we have improved a lot, and we’ve never stopped. We kept on learning and trying to be more creative, working hard isn’t the whole point, being more creative is brilliant!

In 2 something years, dreams have come true! When I was thinking about it on this magnificent road, it almost made me cry. I couldn’t describe more into words, it’s sentimental!

Until the bus arrived at the glacier office center to purchase the ticket, back to the reality, 500 ARS per person, you will get a ticket together with brochure of Los Glacier National Park information, and then kept going few kilometers more, and there the Marvelous Perito Moreno Glacier right in front of your eyes!

The Perito Moreno Glacier: Beautiful and Wonderful

First we arrived at the viewpoint to see the glacier from long distance to grow our excitement!

Come on, get me there already!

We arrived at the entrance around 9:30 am, the bus returned for us at 3:15 pm, which means we had a long day to admire the glacier.

The Perito Moreno was name after Francisco Moreno, a pioneer who studied the region in 19th century. The glacier is advancing, while most glaciers worldwide are retreating, and the reason still remained questionable. The terminus of the Perito Moreno Glacier is 5 km wide, with an average height over 70 m above the surface of the water of Argentino Lake, and it reaches a total ice depth of 170 m below the water’s surface.



There are walking path with many safe distance platforms, which we can get very close to the glacier. We didn’t take a boat to get closer, for us it’s already close enough to admire them from the platform. Also it was pretty cold day so we didn’t have a chance to witness the rupture but that didn’t matter, it was beyond impressive to witness all the beauty and greatness we had in front of our eyes.





Do I need to convince more that it’s also even more impressive with the colorful of autumn?

We had lunch in front of the most beautiful glacier we had ever seen! But remember, don’t forget to bring all trashes out, don’t leave it to the nature, be cool, be a good visitor!

There is a restaurant on site which can be too busy sometimes, so pack some snacks at least.


Alex and I had stayed in El Calafate for 5 nights. We liked this town so we decided to just had a break here until I felt much better. We didn’t want us to go climb any mountains while I was still being sick, it wouldn’t be fun and I needed more energy and healthy both mental and body to do that, right? We were planning to go up to El Chalten, the gateway to Mount Fitz Roy, another place of my dreams.

It’s gonna be fun and intense!

Have you ever been to The Perito Moreno Glacier or others? How was it compare to The Perito Moreno? Let’s share : )


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