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Visiting Iguazu falls: The most beautiful waterfall in the world

The most beautiful waterfall in the world?  I know that I set the bar high but it is what I really feel.  However,  It surely is the largest waterfalls system in the world. So let’s keep it high!


After 2.30 hours of flying southwest from Rio De Janeiro, Alex and I arrived in Foz Do Iguazu, a city in the Brazilian state of Parana in the late afternoon and also seemed like after rain. It was in the late autumn and everything were still green which I believe that nothing will be changed much here even in winter, but I heard that it’s pretty hot in summer and a bit drier and less green in winter so I guess it was a good time for us to visit the falls.

Foz Do Iguazu is the main base for visiting Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian Side (The falls are situated over the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina). Stretching for 2.7 kilometer-width, straddling the border with Argentina. Their height varies between 60 meters and 82 meters. This makes the Iguazu Falls taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide, the falls comprise hundreds of cascades, including the 80 meters tall and huge Devil’s Throat which was breathtaking. I’m sure I would never forget it!

The Devil’s Throat!

We opted to stay outside of the town at Atalaia Adventure Hostel which was cozy, quiet and more private, due to the jet lag was still there, so that we slept better.

We also made an appointment with the taxi guy who brought us here from the airport for round-trip transfer to the entrance of the falls for the following day. So that we could really rest and had nothing to worry about for tomorrow!


So the following morning, we woke up with an excitement and during the breakfast we felt like couldn’t wait to see (another corner of) the world already.

9.00 am. the taxi guy arrived to pick us up. It was just 10 minute ride to the entrance of thefall. When we arrived, the line to buy ticket was so so long! To be honest, we had never seen the long line like this before. It was Sunday! Usually we always avoid doing things like this on the weekend because we don’t really like the crowd.

So.. I blamed jet lag, it wasn’t my fault!


Nevertheless, we got the ticket after 30-40 minutes, hopped on the shuttle bus and heading to the falls. It wasn’t that long like we thought, the system management was very good so the line was flowing well. The buses run all day long through every station along with many activities: Trekking, hiking, biking or you can enjoy a trill ride by jet boat to the rushing water right under the falls.

The super naughty Quaties but look at that cute faces!

The falls area was literally huge but every pathway were pretty crowded, I was pretending like I didn’t care but seriously, avoid the weekend if possible.

One of the highlights was the lovely and naughty Quaties or Nasuas, that little hairy body with long face and raccoon tail, they were everywhere but the naughtiest ones were at the entrance of a long way to the Devil’s Throat. They have got an incredible ability to follow the scent of food, they know where is your cookie even it deep inside your bag! So, watch out!

The Devil’s Throat was really huge one, a U-shaped, 82 by 150 by 700 meters was spectacular and amazing. However, the spray of rushing water was intense, to visit and get closer needed the raincoat and well preparing to protect our cameras. And with the huge crowd, as we were two of them, to make one of our dreams come true, we needed to be more patient!

But trust me, it’s all worth it!





  • Iguazu Falls Brazilian Side Ticket: 60 Brazilian Real/person (20 USD)
  • There are restaurants on site for lunch and a souvenir shop as well

2 comments on “Visiting Iguazu falls: The most beautiful waterfall in the world

  1. Nice report on a truly spectacular place! We visited on the Argentina side only. Thanks for your perspective on the Brazil side as we wanted to do the Brazil side but $160 Visa fee each, was not in the cards for a day visit.

    Here is our blog post on Iquazu from the Argentina side.

    Keep the blog post coming and safe travels!

    John and Susan


    • Your Iguazu Falls Post from Argentina side is really breathaking! We also skipped the falls that side, so we will have something to do next time we will be there. Ha ha! And nope, sadly to report bad news, we haven’t made it safe all the way but at the end we’ve learned and we’ve grown :)

      Thank you so much!


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