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Rio De Janeiro first impressions

Backpacking through South America had been my dream for a long time, I couldn’t remember how long I had been growing for this desire to make it comes true. At early of this year, I agreed to Alex to apply a US Visa to go on a road-tripping in The US which it’s his big dream (His love for motorcycle and being on the road, specifically rout 66!) and so do I. As Alex is Ukrainian and I’m Thai, that mean we need a visa to travel to The US. It wasn’t that so calling to me but it didn’t matter if I will switch the priority of where I wish first! Ultimately, believe me I wish all of them. We are making each other dreams come true, either one we’ve shared or once we get one finished, we do another!

Unfortunately, we failed to get the Visa. As we left Thailand a little long period (5 months together) and our jobs are sound too much freedom, so for any reasons, it didn’t sound like we deserve this visa. Fair enough!

There is no need to be a dramatically heartbroken, right? We will manage to get it done at some point when we finally figure out what to do, what kind and what is the best way to get the visa that suit with us. All roads will still be there!

Switched back to Annie’s big dream? After convincing Alex to go travel in South America instead of being distracted by The US thing are successful. And so our HUGE adventures began.


Although, Alex and I had been living our lives in the airplanes included transition for almost 33 hours before landing to probably the most spectacular city in the world, Rio De Janeiro, the glamorous layers of mountains-city landscape was still beyond impressive.

Isn’t it one of the best first impression of South America? Yes, it definitely is!

This is not the scenery of landing but from Christ the Redeemer, my favorite one!

We had been researching quite a lot of what could be not so nice for us exploring Rio De Janeiro, in what kind of risk we could manage to get rid of it. Confession is FEAR was a deal of our first time in Rio! We heard a lot of different not-so-nice stories from friends who have been here before, from insincere to pickpocket to robbing to significantly danger! So every steps in Rio were really thoughtful.

We had based ourselves in Hotel Monte Alegre between Santa Teresa and Centro for the entire times in Rio, people mostly say it’s not safe to stay in this area, but sorry guys, we’ve done it. See what? Even you think you’ve done an enormous research, it doesn’t mean that you will manage everything perfectly, right? Or it’s just me!

The Hotel wasn’t the bad choice eventually, room was fine, very nice breakfast, supermarket was on the opposite which gave us an ability to buy some snacks and foods. It’s close to many local restaurants, fruit store and shopping as well.


We always love trying local food as much as we can, not because it has to be that way which sound like hey, I’m traveling and I’m eating only local food, but because it’s not likely that we will be there so offend and it’s way cheaper than having the European Dining all the time, couldn’t agree more?

People are so kind and every time anyone asked me what am I impressed for more than those brilliant landscape, I said the people! Every time we got contact to the local people, they were so kind and helpful. Alex and I were very bad in language, we even said “gracias” to thank you instead of “obrigado”, languages confused! What a shame! But people didn’t mind and I remember how a woman and a man in a local restaurant near our hotel tried to help us scooping the food, it was self-service but we weren’t in an understanding what to do there, and they didn’t respond like look at these annoying tourists, but with welcome smile and thing like let us help you instead. Not once but they were with that vanilla smile welcoming us every time we went there. Not only that what I’m singing about already but also people who selling fruits outside, cashiers in supermarket, people in groceries, they all did the same. Huge impressive one, Really!


Talk about safety again, I know that Alex and I were way too high being paranoid but I still believe when we are new to the place and the place is needed to be beware, then more is better than less, so thing won’t get too ugly. But I admitted, I got a bit sick of being careful (but in fact, it’s what we should do for ourselves). For example, we shouldn’t call taxi ourselves but asking for help from someone like a receptionist from a hotel or a waitress from a restaurant to call them instead so it’ll be more trustful. The kind receptionist from the hotel we’ve stayed helped us many times and warning us about where we shouldn’t walk, advising a lot of useful tips. We’re literally thankful for that!


Once when we were heading back from Copacabana beach to our hotel near Centro, we saw a man lied down unconscious beside a park railing, a few people were starting to walk toward him, checking what’s going on. My heart was skipping a beat a bit like oh, no… but at that time I didn’t want to say anything more than what we all were witness together. As I warned myself, don’t be a drama queen Annie!


Good news is we were all safe in Rio De Janeiro and got an enormous impressive. We didn’t do all the things we should do because of the weather conditions, it was lightly rain almost all the time we were there and jet lag thing as well.

Have you ever been to Rio De Janeiro? What are your first impressions? Let’s share!


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