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Spectacular Sunset from Singapore flyer and Visiting State of fun, Sentosa Island

Before Alex and I headed to Bali last summer, we stopped by Singapore for a short glance. We arrived with not too many ideas about what/where we should do/go in Singapore. We are not kind of so enthusiastic with a city sightseeing. But there we are, we arrived at Changi Airport in the late afternoon. Alex and I was very hungry so we had Mi Rebus, a signature dish of Singapore. I have to be honest to admit that Thai girl from a hot and spicy food country like me couldn’t find any taste from this meal, not spicy, not sweet, not sour or salty. No any taste! But also I admit that I believe this is the better way to eat healthier than my home country as I’m also trying to adjust my meal, at least to eat less spicy (I don’t like salty but sweet and sour). After finished food then we took a Skytrain and Metro to the city.

The Skytrain from terminal 1 to terminal 2, Changi Airport
Mi Rebus, the Singapore Signature dish!

It wasn’t so long till we arrived at Geylang Street which we booked a hotel in the area. During the way from the airport to the town, we didn’t see too many humans, the country just so quiet at that moment. We thought Singapore has to be busier than this. After checked in, showered (It was quite hot and tired so showered was a good way to refresh) and then we went out for a walk which no ideas where or what to do, we thought we would just go and looking around and will just try to pick the direction.

Chinese style building at Geylang Street! 

So what I was quickly see was ‘The Giant Ferris Wheel’, I learned it fast that it called Singapore Flyer’. I was immediately asked Alex to walk to that giant toy direction. Along the way was so green with many parks, through Marina Bay in the picnic area. This time we saw a lot of people spend their evening there, families, friends, couples, kids and pets but still not crowded and that was nice.

Almost there, My giant toy..

Singapore Flyer

I was very exited when waiting in the line to buy tickets even the price was 33$/person! The giant wheel which high 165 meters looked too awesome and I felt like couldn’t wait to hop in. This one was a little busier than what we saw before as it’s a must tourist attraction.

You look so awesome!!

Alex and I was walking to see the views of the city around as same as other tourists. The bonus is it was spectacular sunset over the city that day.

Visiting Sentosa Island

After came back from Singapore flyer, I learned about Sentosa Island and made a short plan to visit. So the following day, after Alex and I had a tasty Chinese-Indian breakfast at the small restaurant on Geylang Street nearby our hotel, then we headed to the island by a cable car. Or to get there with a Sentosa Express Train is also easy, but we chose the cable car just because it sounds more adventure. There are packages include activities in a few different types of them, Day pass, 2-Day pass or premium pass with a different price. To learn more here!

It was quite hot and humid day, but we were still trying to involve with a lot of activities. It was fun actually; our favorite activities were a Luge Ride, despite it was so crazy long queue and we spent a lot of energy (because of hot weather) to wait for our turn.

Our another favorite and impressive activity were the Wings of Time, outdoor night show set against the open sea. We loved that multi-sensory magical adventure story presentation of water display with laser, fire effect and spectacular music.

The vibe and the beauty of sunset before Wings of Time show begins..

We left Singapore in the following day morning. We didn’t explore much as there are a lot of things to see and do more. So we’re going to give another stopover again some day.

Have you ever been to Singapore? Any suggestions as Alex and I will make another stopover again. Feel free to leave your message with the comment box below :)


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