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Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok: Peaceful and Beautiful

I’m the one who always looking for some peaceful place to spend time with, to boost up my energy, to motivate my inspiration and to purify my lunges.

Queen Sirikit Park is one of my favorite places in Bangkok. Beautiful with a nice garden and more peaceful than others, perhaps because it located outside of downtown. The park is well take care and  managed for flowers to bloom in every seasons but in winter which is better weather will be more colorful with more various or flowers.



The park was built in 1992 and named after Queen Sirikit to celebrate her 60th birthday, It occupies the area of 22 Hectares (140 Rai) which is huge enough to spend a half day to wander the entire park. It contains vary of botanical, a lot of flowers, many fountains and pools where beautiful lotus flowers bloom.






The park is easily be reached by BTS Skytrain at Mo Chit Station on Sukhumvit Line, or MRT Blue Line from Chatuchak Park Station. Harder way but not difficult by a lot of public bus No. 77, 122, 136, 145. Etc. And the entrance fee is free! Enjoy!

1 comment on “Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok: Peaceful and Beautiful

  1. A beautiful botanical park – so spacious! And photos!

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