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What you need to know before you visit Jordan

You already know that Jordan is one of Arab countries in the middle east. And my confession is, at the beginning, I feel very nervous to be around them because I’m not sure if I will do anything improper. I’m not sure if they will be fazed by me. Whatever a reason is, It’s surely involve about other culture things to learn to respect. And if you are willing to learn, you’ll be fine with it.

After Alex and I had been traveling in Jorden for awhile, we’ve learnt that Jordanians are kind, open mind, friendly and helpful. The entire time in Jordan was amazing. Their hospitality made us felt like home. I didn’t feel like I would do anything wrong all the time. I might do something not right but they made me feel totally ok because I didn’t know and I didn’t mean to it.


When to visit

Jordan is largely desert wide variations in temperature and climate. From my experience and what I’ve learned, spring season (March-May) is the best time to visit for entire country. It’s too hot and dry in summer (June-September). It’s quite sounds nice in falls (October-November) after relief from the heat and wild flowers return for a few weeks before winter. Winter is quite aggressive with sharp wind and cold.

Where to Go

I had been dreaming about visiting Petra, the spectacular ancient rose city and one of new seven wonders of the world. And I’d say it’s so amazing and beautiful and worth visiting. I’ve also fallen in love with the peaceful and serenity desert calls Wadi Rum, it’s not normal for desert right? Desert should be hot and burn but this one, this one is so peaceful. All that amazing landscapes also will amaze you as if you wander on the moon. I would say this desert is what you shouldn’t miss if you visit Jordan. Jordan has a lot more places to visit, the Dead sea was also impressive. That Salt Lake is really amazing which make us floating very easy and it also famous about mineral black mud which used for therapeutic and cosmetic. We can try it raw, take it from the dead sea beach and put it on you skin. Other than the Dead Sea, there are beautiful coral reef in the south calls Aqaba. It’s also a top destination for scuba divers on the Red Sea.

Magic hour at Wadi Rum..

Other places to visit if you have longer time; Hiking at Wadi Mujib, the spectacular canyons and river was one of the most impressive time in Jordan, too. The idea is you can go hiking at Wadi Mujib in the morning and go floating at the dead sea sunset because these places just next to each other.

Hiking at Wadi Mujib

There are a lot more places to visit such as Kerak Castle, one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant. Amman Citadel, a historical site at the center of downtown Amman. Jerash , Temple of Artemis. Dana Nature Reserve. Etc.

Language and Currency

Language: The official language is Arabic but don’t worry because English language is widely spoken.

Currency: Jordanian Dinar

1 Jordanian Dinar = 50 Thai Baht

1 Jordanian Dinar = 1.4 US Dollar

The Jordan Pass

Buy The Jordan Pass in advance before visit will make you discover more & pay less a lot. It gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of the trip visiting top sights and attractions.

The benefits:

Hassle-free prepaid entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan.

Free downloadable digital brochures covering all of Jordan’s tourist attractions.

Waiving of tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights (4 days).

It comes in three categories to suit all kinds of visits. The package you choose depends on the number of days you wish to spend exploring Petra. For more info visit

Wadi Rum, the valley of the moon..


Transportations in Jordan are quite good. Alex and I were provided a taxi service from hotel which we made a reservation with, to pick up us from the airport to hotel in the middle of the night, and that was the best way to get to the hotel at that time. To Travel around Madaba (Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib), We’ve found it easier by a taxi or share taxi which provide by hotel you stay with. Talk to them and they all happy to help. Traveling to Petra could be done by a share taxi, it’s save for budget and convenience because there are many beautiful places during the way to stop by such as Kerak Castle, Dana Nature Reserve. Etc. So it means you do a day road trip which worth doing it. To travel from Petra to Wadi Rum, there are a bus which you can ask the reception at the hotel you stay with to make a reservation for you. The bus is leaving Petra in early morning like 6.10am. and arrive at Wadi Rum around 9.30am. If you want to get from Wadi Rum to Aqaba, there are a bus from town runs toward to Aqaba. To travel back to Amman, there is a comfortable Jet bus using the desert highway going straight up to Amman from Aqaba Station duration around 4 hours.

Floating at the Dead Sea

Other things

Women should dress modestly (No short in town). Bikini is available at the Dead Sea in the arrange area. I went to public beach so I wore short there for swim and it’s ok.

Taxi in Amman normal price around the city is usually 3 JOD. And Uber is also available which I often used when I was there.

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  1. Yes we have read about the Jordanian pass too! Hope to make it to Petra this year!


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