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Great flight form Mestia to Tbilisi, Georgia: This is what you shouldn’t miss

Two years ago in summer when Alex and I visited Mestia, Georgia for the first time. We wished to fly back to Tbilisi with this little cute L-410 UVP-E airplane which operate by Vanilla Sky Georgia. The company has its own airfield and air transportation facilities. But we were too late that it was fully booked for long time and we couldn’t wait to get any other flights. So this time after had been in snowboarding road trip for almost 2 weeks and when we reached Mestia then we decided to try our fortune again. And there we got a tickets and finally flew back to Tbilisi with an awesome experience.

Little lovely airplane waiting for us at Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia.

It’s small airplane but comfortable with 19 seats and the pilots efficient. We were flying not so high and it was like we were very close to those awesome mountains. It’s very spectacular and beautiful.

It’s in winter so the landscapes change from snow mountains to bald lands.

And there we arrived in Vanilla Sky Airfield safe and sound.

How to buy the ticket

For any route, if you make a reservation online through; it looks like you will be able to reserve only 2 weeks after the current day. If you want to buy a flight ticket in the nearest day, the way to reserve a ticket is to call or to go to buy directly the airport. In my case, I went to the airport in Mestia and I got the ticket form Mestia to Natakhtari in the next 2 days (Mestia Airport Reception Phone Number : +995 591 512 533). Or if you are lucky enough, you will even get it in the same day. Nothing surely predictable so if you have more time to prepare your plan then make a booking in advance (which I also can’t do it. haha). And because the conditions and schedule will be changed almost every year, so I won’t put the current schedule. You can always go over their website for an up to date info. The route  to Tbilisi, you will fly to Natakhtari (Vanilla Sky Airfield which located away around 30 km. from Tbilisi) and continue with shuttle bus to Rustaveli Street in Tbilisi. One more thing, the flight could be cancelled at any day deepens on the weather. I think that we wouldn’t want to fly in any bad conditions, too. So be prepared a plan B.

5 comments on “Great flight form Mestia to Tbilisi, Georgia: This is what you shouldn’t miss

  1. this is so amazing! some questions though, i will arrive at tbilisi airport early morning (around 4 AM) and planning to fly to mestia afterwards (around 9 AM i believe). do you think this is possible? and what is the best way to reach natakhtari airport? will there be public transportation in the morning? thanks!


  2. Hola Anne,
    Very nice blog site!
    Hmmmm Georgia….never even considered it. Will have to now!

    Thanks for your post and keep on traveling!

    John and Susan
    Boquete, Panama

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hola John and Susan,
      Thank you so much. It’s mean a lot. Georgia is kind of out of sight country and everything still high purity. Nature, people, old town, culture.. I also don’t want them to change, I wish them to remain what they are like this.

      Have a nice weekend
      Ps. I also will visit panama this year :)


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