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Visiting Sighnagi, Georgia: My Dreammy Winter Wonderland

The sunlight started shining over the wonderland and all the charming appears. I’m standing and truly wonder of how it’s so magically beautiful in front of my eyes.

“Is this real life?” I kept asking myself the same question again and again..

Sighnagi had been hiding in the opaque fog since Alex and I arrived the day before Valentine’s Day (Yeah, yeah that crazy day which people excuse to show love to each other. Lol). I was afraid that we won’t have a chance to see the beauty of this beautiful wonderland. I have seen many Sighnagi Photos in different seasons and I’ve fallen in love with the winter one.

Sighnagi aka City of Love

The following day, we woke up early and as we didn’t wish; the entire town was still covered in the dim cloud.

“We should appreciate what we have” Alex told me to be happy with what we had but come on..

“Yeah, there are not too many chances to walk in a mysterious town like this” I mused.

After breakfast, we had been walking around the city walls and Ethnographic Park behind the wall in a mysterious vibe. And right, it was surprisingly beautiful. It still really made me wonder of its charming. We spent the entire morning around the park and had a very delicious lunch at Restaurant Tavaduri which located in the middle of the Ethnographic Park.

Sighnaghi city walls which well preserved 4.5 kilometer of stone walls stretch along mountain ridges.

We came back down to the city center which was still covered by cloud. Thinking about visit Bodbe Monastery which situated two kilometers far from Sighnagi. I was hoping to have at least a little chance to see the beautiful landscape view of the town. Sound greedy isn’t it? All the beauty in the entire morning still wasn’t enough! But the thing was we had 3 hours left to go before the lat bus to Tbilisi at 6 pm. so the master of the guesthouse (Guesthouse Elegance) which we had a comfy stayed with, offered to bring us there himself. He was so kind, helpful and told us a lot of Sighnagi stories (As how Georgian people always are).

Bodbe Monastery and Sighnagi Wonderland Landscape

Bodbe Monastery is one of the most important places for Georgians, because St. Nono who brought Cristianity to Georgia is buried here which her grave can be visited.

Since we entered the Bodbe Monastery, the sunlight started shining. Everything around started glowing and showing its charming to us. The Monastery and the atmosphere around were so beautiful. Alex and I are not a big fan of religious architectural but we do like this place very much.

Visiting Sighnagi, Georgia: My Truly Winter Wonderland
Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino
Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino


After spent a while at The Monastery then we went up to see the landscape of Sighnagi winter wonderland. It was so magically beautiful which I can’t describe how beautiful it is into words. Skies turned to pale blue, all the glittery snow trees around with a lovely small village on the hill. It was like a dreammy fairytale. I was standing and watching around felt like a princess Anna (But I think I suit better to be a huntsman ;D)

Alex was also very excited, turning around and singing wow wow..

“Are you really from winter country?” Teasing him is always my job. :)

“Is this real?” I was repeating asking myself the same question again and again..




Sighnagi is peaceful and romantic itself . It was so much more impressive than we expexcted and the day was perfectly fulfilled. It was kind of perfect Valentine’s day and did I mention about it’s also Alex’s birthday. :D … Hope you had a great birthday my love :)


7 comments on “Visiting Sighnagi, Georgia: My Dreammy Winter Wonderland

  1. Evangelina07

    I am interested in Georgia as well as Armenia, so I was happy to find your blog post. Looks really picturesque. Do you have more pictures to share?


  2. Thank you for sharing this beautifully, peaceful place…I’m not a “fan” but I am a believer in Christ who created beauty and brings us peace. Hope Alex had a happy birthday…Valentine’s Day is my birthday as well!


    • Thank you for stopping by and I’m happy sharing it. And thank you so much for your wish. Hope you had a happy birthday as well. :)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful post loved it !!


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