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Learning to Snowboard at Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia

Waiting with an excitement in front of Avlabari Metro Station in Tbilisi for our friend to come pick up us to go up to Gudauri Ski Resort in The north, after woke up early and went to buy a winter boots which I didn’t get used to and felt a little strange on it, it was huge and I’ve haver needed it before in my warm continent and for one second I though.. right, this is the price of winter. Alex and I arrived at Tbilisi late last night by immediately bough a flight ticket from Bangkok to Tbilisi and we didn’t have enough time to prepare a winter stuff.  We did it again, we suddenly bough a ticket to some country and fly in the following day. So from hot and humid country to a winter shouldn’t we give ourselves a little more time to think about what we need?!

Whatever, we’ve done it and we keep continued. Did I mention that is my first time with winter and it will be my first time to see a real SNOW… No one believes me but it’s true.


We arrived at Gudauri at noon. It was in early winter but all around was covered by white icing. Alex and our friends also excited to see me see a snow for the first time. Because they were also have never seen anyone who has never seen snow before as well…

Need to go find food, I’m starving…

Living life in Gudauri

We had got an accommodation in peaceful area recommended by our friends. Hotel Veranda is just one kilometer from city center . We had got a quiet and peaceful room which sometimes ruined by another drunken guests but mostly we’ve got peace. The hotel was like home. The big heart owner and her friend were very nice and treat us like a family for all 3 months we had lived here. We’ve been a good friend with them ever since. Every time we come back, we know that they are our family here.


Sunset watching from Our room under a roof..
Fairytale scenery behind our room.. What else we need to ask?


Learn to Snowboard Day 1:  Be brave and be careful when thing go wrong..

After had spent a week to get used to winter and cold weather here. Alex started to teach me how to snowboard. It was his another dream to snowboard with his wife and it was my dream to snowboard as well.


After we learned all the basic , Alex started to think that we should find some good place to train. Gudauri is one of the best for free ride so the structure will confused you when the sun start to hide away. After we went up to the slope like 2 time-lift means we went too far than The beginner should be, it’s blue square rating area.

The sun was starting to hide and snow started falling. The temperature went lower, my  body and my hand was frozen! It was too cold for me that time I really hadn’t get used to it yet. Well we hadn’t seen it coming. My husband asked the ski lift officer for permission to warm me up in the station which has a heater.

After I felt better, I though everything would already ok. So we though we can try to go down with snowboard but we lost. We lost from trail and trapped to the deep powder but I still felt fun. So Alex urged me to try that lovely powder snow. Responsibly, I tried to go on it and suddenly flip and made a 3 times loop which caused my back terribly painful and tuft. I though I broke my back. Alex was very frightened . But after rest for a while, I got better and thanks God my back wasn’t broken. Stupid stupid stupid, Alex cursed himself and say sorry again and again that he brought me there.

My body and hand started frozen again so we need to find the way down as fast as possible. I was very exhausted, cold and afraid but I realised I need to survived yeah need to survived. No people around and no time to wait. The only way to get away from the deep powder snow was with snowboard, with that snowboard that I was already scared of but what I can do was trying to collect my brave back and survive. We was trying to slide down with snowboard together (Alex was holding my hand and dragging me) to the nearest trail .

My body was very pain that night after surviving day. We rested for 2 days and there I continued to learn again.


I didn’t give up when someone told me to give up..

After had been learning for a while, I got some knee pained problem. We went to the doctor and after doctor found out about my short bone that make my joint not so tight and told me to give up snowboarding!!! I almost heart broken and I thought (Evil thought) doctor already too old and has never been snowboarding and then told me to give up?? Haha.. Please forgive me for that evil thinking. It’s reasonable if my body doesn’t belong to this sport but this is kind of normal bone problem that could happens to anyone who walk around me and they don’t even know it and they still can do it. I mean this shouldn’t even be an issue. I decided to wait until the pain gone and gave it one more try. So it was getting better and better after I understood more how to ride. I think anyone who snowboarding understand about at the beginning we use a lot of our knee and as long as we don’t give up we will ride!  And I know that you know if you’ve already started to love something and when someone tell you to give up and you can’t listen to it until you will find out that you really can or can’t.



This guy is the best instructor ever :) xoxo



It doesn’t matter how many time I failed, it matters most if I get up, have fun and never give up.. :)

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  3. This place looks like my heaven! I absolutely love winter, snow and snowboarding. Good for you for learning a new skill!

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