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Paragliding in the coldest day in Gudauri, Georgia

“It will yank you back at some point when it almost take off,  but no matter what happens just keep running and don’t fall, ok?!!”


Paragliding instructor told me before we took off to the coldest sky ever in my life. It was – 15 degree celsius on the ground and what it should be up in the sky? At the beginning my hand was sweating because of being too exited then after 1 minute up in the sky, my hand started frozen.


The views was really spectacular! I was thinking I’m so jealous the bird so much that they can fly and see all these views whilst I was trying to move my frozen hand and warm them up.



I am the one who afraid of high if I have to climb or even in ferris wheel  but I hadn’t known it before if I will afraid flying an open air or not.

“I don’t afraid to fly high!! “

I’ve found out. I love it. Just a little exited before take of but most of the time on the sky. I was feeling great even hand was frozen. What I was thinking was what else I should do? :)

That was my experience. About Alex, I didn’t hear much what he said. He said he did it because I wished to do it. So we did it together in the same time. I saw how he excited and had fun with it very BIG, perhaps more excited than me. :D


We flew with skyatlantida which giving a great flying experience at Gudauri Ski Resort. My instructor was very kind. He was telling poem and making sure I was all fine during the flight. To book the flight, just go direct to the ski area on the second ski lift or through the website.

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