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Our favorite time in Anaklia, Georgia

After 2-hour Marshrutka (a minibus) ride from Batumi, we arrived in Zugdidi, the city that being like a hub to travel around northern Georgia. We then took a taxi from Zugdidi to Anaklia without knowing where we will sleep. So the taxi guy showed us his friend’s homestay. Fortunately, we liked that place so we stayed there.

Marshrutka from Batumi to Zugdidi

Anaklia is a village and seaside resort in western Georgia along The Black Sea coast. But my favorite part wasn’t seaside resorts. It’s a village life.

The village area has a completely different from seaside. It was rich of countryside vibes. In the mid summer was very nice weather there. The house we were staying was very very quiet. There wasn’t so convenience though, we didn’t have electric or water sometimes but the owner had done everything to ensure that we were fine. He even boiled water for us for showering. I also didn’t expect that It had to be convenience but they were so kind and we’re so thankful for that.

A few days in Anaklia soothed our souls.


Wandering around Anaklia village


Hey yummy, ohhh no lovely :)


The bridge on seaside part.

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