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Chaladi Glacier Trekking in Mestia, Georgia : No Pain, No Gain

After had been spending a few day in Anaklia, Alex and I then headed up to Mestia by a marshrutka from Zugdidi . Mestia is a highland townlet in northwest Georgia and the capital of Svaneti region.

Walking around town made us noticed of the combination between local life and a tourism vibes. In the center was developed for travelers and the small alleys were still rich of rural life.

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Seti Square, the main square of Mestia.


View from the top of Svan Tower in Mestia

Chaladi Glacier Trekking

26 km round trip was very painful. It was our first taste with a long walk like this.  It wasn’t that hard but far (for us for the first time), there could be done without any other trekking gears than just us and our comfortable shoes with warm jackets. The first 4/6 parts was very easy. The last 2-3 km was a bit rough. But to climb up to the glacier at the last 300 meters was pretty hard. It was slippery and steep. Also, we arrived there in the afternoon and it was in summer so the ice was melting and the sound of ice breaking was so loud. So yeah, it did poke our fear.

But finally we made it. The glacier wasn’t that huge and most part was covered by dust but it’s still beautiful and very impressed.





The funny part was: I was kidding about “What do we do if we meet a bear?“.

“Do not talk about a bear when you’re walking in the forest” Alex said.

and SURPRISED, we met a bear.

The baby bear was standing in front of us when we returned from the glacier at the bridge (There was the only bridge there.). He was lost form his mom. The border guards told us that they will take care of him for a while until he will be able to survive by himself, and then they will find the way to return him to the forest. He was so adorable!




The most delicious steak in the world after long trekking day.

There are another option to enjoy Chaladi Glacier: take a van and skip the 4/6 parts. It sounds a lot easier than 26 km round trip for roughly 8 hours, right?  We just wanted to enjoy the view on the way. We wasn’t in rush, just need to remember that we should make it back before dark.

2 comments on “Chaladi Glacier Trekking in Mestia, Georgia : No Pain, No Gain

  1. Can’t wait for my summer Georgia trip! Cute bear cub btw! <3


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