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10 comfortable things about living in Tbilisi – Georgia (Expat/ Digital Nomad)

Alex and I  keep returning to Georgia many times already. Every time we stayed for 3-5 months. And so far we consider living in Tbilisi, Georgia is comfortable and is one of our favorite countries for a long term stay. Here are the reasons why we’ve always chosen Georgia to be our (adopted) home..

The Vibe

fullsizerender-9Georgia is a small country on the edge of Asia and Europe but topography and climate are more similar to Europe, so considering the country to be a part of Europe. Everything well flowing here, not that busy even in the busiest day like New Year Eve if compare to somewhere else like Asia on the weekend. Many places to explore, attractions, art and museums, opera house. Many places to getaway for a while such as lakes, gardens, parks. Many cafes to chill out.  And lush nature around that giving a better atmosphere.

The Weather

Even though it’s a winter, living in Tbilisi feels almost like spring all the time. According to my experience and Georgia Climatemps‘s  info; In the winter time records indicate temperatures by day reach 6.7°C (44°F) on average falling to -1.3°C (29.6°F) overnight, and because of the valley topography and the hot spring which making city a lot more warm than usual.

House like Home


Renting apartment in Tbilisi is convenience. Quality and comfy apartment with a kitchen, washing machine, TV, Air conditioner, heater, hot shower, etc.  available for rent at $400 – 500 a month not included electric and gas but it’s cheap. We usually find our apartment through every time we’re coming and planning to stay in Georgia for a while like 2-5 months or more. On the website has an option about renting direct from the owner or from agency. I’ve rented every apartment direct from the owner because of the flexible. Renting from agency often require a long-term stay like at least 6 months or one year.

Good Internet

It’s one of the best deals for Digital Nomad life that it’s a good internet everywhere. Home Internet or 4G are brilliant.

The Transportations

img_3893Like any big city, Tbilisi got everything convenience but more calm. Metro is a good choice to travel around the capital Tbilisi, safe and cheap. Taxi is also not expensive (5-7 GEL). There are train and marshrutka (minibus) to travel around the country; train is better for longer distance, but marshrutka is more frequent and go everywhere.

Food is Everywhere

Adjarian Khachapuri @Khachapuri Hut – Tbilisi Mall

Looking for food is easy in Tbilisi and also around Georgia. Plenty of groceries, supermarkets and restaurants. The price is similar to Asia and sometimes even cheaper. There are also plenty of wonderful cafes. Cooking at home is also our favorite here.

Electronics Support

Once my laptop was sick (Mainboard’s problem), so we brought it to Electronic Centre beside Dinamo Arena in Tbilisi to get it fixed and everything went well.  Once we also decided to buy a new lab top but couldn’t wait until go back to Thailand then we bough one from The Apple Shop opposite side of Goodwill Vake Park in Tbilisi.

But one thing we were trying and wasn’t success, we were trying to find a good camera and lenses and we’ve learned that, in 2017, Georgia is still not the place for this kind of things yet.

The Effort of Languages

Georgian people speak Georgian, Russian and English!

First, people speak Russian as a second language because they used to be a part of Soviet Union. Second, new generation is already fluent in English . Alex is Ukrainian and I’m Thai, every time we talked to local and if they recognized Alex then they spoke Russian to him (Ukrainian also speak Russian), but when they found that I’m Asian then they switched to English.

The Hospitality

Georgian are mostly kind and warm. They will always make you feel like home staying around them. We’ve been in New Year Eve in Georgia for 2 times, and every time we got a warmly invited to celebrate from neighbor. Drinking wine and talking to them is like being with a family.

The Medical

I’ve been impressed about the medical in Georgia so far. Fast, quality and not expensive. Sometimes I feel like doctors are a lot more than patients? Speak about my experiences: 2 times surgeries, Alex once for gallbladder surgery and me again for tonsil surgery. I feel guilty to say this but my surgery was way cheaper 10 times than the price in Thailand. And I prefer to undergo the surgery in Georgia because of their laser technology, and specifically, I don’t need to wait in a busy long queue (Don’t worry I still love you Thailand! ;D ). Medicine is also cheap and dental service also fast and quality. As I mentioned about the communication language, doctors speak good English but nurses and officers are still not so fluent, therefor, be more patient to communicate with them.

Love as always :)


3 comments on “10 comfortable things about living in Tbilisi – Georgia (Expat/ Digital Nomad)

  1. Tbilisi must be a beautiful place!


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