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Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking in Bali: It’s worth all the effort

On our motorcycle road trip on Bali last year,  Not only to go to swim with those beautiful underwater creatures for the first time of mine but also, I intended to drag Alex to climb the Batur Volcano in Kitamani in the northwest part with me.

As we were traveling with motorcycle. The road to Lake Bature, Kintamani was crazy. It was rough, narrow and pretty steep. Anyone coming down from northern direction is need to be very be careful.

Lake Batur, Kintamani

We arrived at Lake Batur in the afternoon. The weather was a bit cold and a bit windy. Which means, it’ll be cooler in the night and a lot more cooler in the mountain!

To go trek at Mount Batur, you will need a guide and Our guide was provided by hotel (Lakeside Cottages). Our Sunrise Trekking Started at 4 am (Got up at 3.30am). People who coming from other areas need to wake up earlier, the farther you stay, the earlier you need to wake up.

Our team were 5 people together, a Balinese Guide, British couple (Chris and Jennie), me and Alex. There were about 8-10 groups that nights but leaving in the different time. We walked 2 km from the village beside the lake to the starting point at the foothill. It was very dark, no any other groups in our sight. The only thing illuminated the path was flashlights. At the beginning, the first hour, regardless to the darkness, it was the easiest part to walk through the forest.

The second hour was pretty narrow where we started to see other groups. The more we climbed up the path was more steep, narrow and rough. Chris and Jennie were professional hikers, Alex and I were tortured by ourselves. We hadn’t been exercised much and it seemed like we wasn’t fit enough to attend this muscles challenge that I brought to us.

We didn’t give up, we kept going, kept climbing. Finally, we conquered ourselves. Also, we got a great team and our team mates were very kind and supporting us all the way up. We were really thankful for that.

The summit is at 1,717 meters above sea level. What a beautiful sunrise!

The sunrise featuring with Mount Agung!

After arrived at the summit, the magic (half)hour was starting, the sun was rising up while the darkness was turning to purple, orange, yellow until pale blue on Mount Agung on the west side (Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali).


We had breakfast along the sunrise and the monkeys. The monkeys were almost everywhere in Bali and on the top of mountains as well. On the top of Mount Batur, there were many mafia monkeys! What out for your breakfast otherwise they will take care of it for you.

Having someone breakfast is great!!

After delighted hour we continued trekking around crater. It was pretty hight(to look down), narrow and steep which poked my fear, so I was trying to not looking down  too often!

Ultimately, that day was really amazing and we’ve learned that the mountain is also one of our things! It’s hard but it’s worth it! So, see you again soon mountains!

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