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Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking in Bali: It’s worth all the effort

When Alex and I visited Bali last year and we did a road trip around the island by motorbike. Alex loves riding and being on the road so much, especially if the path is hard he loves it harder, Lol. So I had seen the opportunity to ask him to go trek at Mount in the northwest, did I tall anyone I love mountain? well I love forest and I was learning if I love mountain as well.

The road at the northwest was so crazy, it was rough, narrow and pretty much as steep as it could be.

Lake Batur, Kintamani

To go trek at Mount Batur, you will need a guide and Our guide was provided by hotel (Lakeside Cottages, Kintamani) and he was awesome.

Our Sunrise Trekking Started at 4 am. (Woke up at 3.30am.) Not so early because we were staying at the hotel beside Lake Batur which just walk around 2 km. to the starting point. People who were coming from other villages need to wake up earlier, the farther you stay, the earlier you need to wake up.

At the beginning, the first hour, we were walking through the forest, it was still easy, even though all around was completely dark. The path was illuminated by our little flashlights . Our team were 5 people together, Balinese Guide, British couple (Chris and Jennie), me and Alex. The second hour at the narrow path, we will be merged with many people form different teams, but we kept walking with our team and look after each other. The more we climbed up the path was more steep, narrow and rough with rocks. Chris and Jennie were professional hiking, me and Alex were torturing by ourselves, needed to stop and cached our breath more often, what an ashamed!  We hadn’t trained much before attended this muscles challenge that I brought to us. But I could say, we were putting in a lot of the effort to conquer ourselves this time. Luckily, we got a great team and our team mates were very kind and supporting us all the way up. We were really thankful for that.

You will need to keep climbing until it almost becomes unbearable and then you  reach the summit!

(The summit just around 1,700 meters above sea level)

The sunrise featuring with Mount Agung!

The magic (half)hour was starting. The sun was rising up while the darkness was turning to purple, orange, yellow until pale blue featuring with Mount Agung on the west side (Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali). The scenery was so magically beautiful. No more words!


We had breakfast along the sunrise and the monkeys. Watch out!  They were almost everywhere in Bali and on the top of mountains is many mafia monkeys! What out for your breakfast otherwise someone else will help you take care of it. But if you don’t mind or not that hungry, then sharing is caring.

Having someone breakfast is great!!

After delighted hour we continued trekking around crater. It was fun and well, a bit scary, because at some point it was narrow and steep which could poke your fear, just remember to not watch right down too often!

Ultimately, that day was really amazing and I’ve learned that mountain is also one of my things! See you again soon mountain!

Have you ever been to Batur Sunrise Trekking? Did the monkey take care of your food?

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