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12 Photos from my first time underwater in Bali

Now I can say I understand the quote “I’m over the moon when I’m underwater”.

I wrote about it’s never too late to learn something new  which I learned to swim last year. Some of you would say; where have you been Annie? And I also really wish I shouldn’t had been anywhere else so long but maybe that maybe “Better Late than Never” or “Never Too Late to Learn” is needed to make me or anyone in the same situation feel better! Haha.  I knew that learning to swim will  make me confidence fulfilling my dream about the world of underwater. I’d like to share some photos of my  first time underwater experience..


In Bali trip last year, Alex and I headed up to a long coastal strip of fishing villages in East Bali; Amed Village. That time was very nice weather in Bali, blue sky, no rain and less humid!


My first tried was on Jemeluk Beach on the left side at life in Amed. Alex was my baby sittingThere were many beautiful fishes to amazed me up for the-first-time-snorkeling in life. I was so exited and going here and there and here again got me a little dizzy. But most of all the feeling was fulfilled I had never felt like that for a long time.

On Jameluk Beach, it’s very convenience; if you don’t have snorkel gear then just rent it for about $2 and go straight down to the water only 10 meters offshore and there they are, beautiful lives are living there.


Seeing lovely clownfish for the first time in the ocean not aquarium was got me smitten! They are just too cute!


After Amed, we tried it again at Lovina; a coastal area on the northwestern side of the island of Bali. We took a spider boat to the coral area 2-3 km. offshore. To find the boat is just make a reservation through hotel or for us, we took a walk on Lovina beach area and talked to the fisher guy and when we felt right, we just decided to go with him. First, we went for Dolphins watching in early morning (5am.) and then snorkeling at the coral reefs area.

The Dolphins watching was amazing, we saw a lot of them playing and teasing around. The important thing, the fisher guy told us about how to be patient and waiting for the right moment when the Dolphins show up. There is not necessary to chase and follow them to every direction they show up all the time, it will make them stress and we also will be stressed doing this crazy thing as well and also do not forcing the boat guy to do it too.

The boat price was 400,000 Rupiah or around $30. 1 boat can carry up to 4 pax but that day it was only me and my husband went with him!


The water at coral reefs was so green like emerald and transparent which  we can see corals and fishes from above very clear. I was so exited of seeing them from the boat and couldn’t waited for one more second to crawl down.

After the first time underwater experience in Bali, I promise to myself I will definitely back down here again,  I’ll be back to the ocean again.

With Love!

2 comments on “12 Photos from my first time underwater in Bali

  1. You totally should do scuba! And if you think you’ve developed a bit more of your swimming skill, head to Lombok where you’ll find even more beautiful corals and fishes! They are quite shallow, though, that’s why you’ll need some skill or you’ll only end up breaking them.

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