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Candi Dasa, the lovely small town in Bali that worth stopping by.

Last year, Alex and I decided to escape the monsoon season from Phuket, Thailand to a forever dry land: Bali (Not forever but mostly sunny all year round).

We rented a motorbike online ahead before we get there so after we arrived at the airport., Honda Vario 150cc was already waited for us. This time was our 2nd time in Bali and we hadn’t been to the northern part yet so we decided to make a road trip  to the north this time.

It was already 4pm. and the dark is coming. We headed up about 60 km. to Candi Dasa Town in the east of Bali which took around 2-3 hours because the traffic was quite busy and we also needed to take a break sometimes and also did the “don’t forget to enjoy the view during the way”. It was already dark after we arrived in Cadi Dasa. We stayed 2 nights in a small lovely and cozy seaside cottage hotel (Temple Café and Seaside Cottage Hotel). The area near by the road was quite busy but the accommodation by the sea was very serenity.

After survived from an aggressive traffic during the road, all we needed were ‘can we eat and go sleep now’ and we did. We had dinner from the hotel and It was delicious enough which satisfied our hunger, the staff were very kind and friendly.

The hotel room was cozy with the local vibe. The weather was cool (It’s normal in the northern part) and we didn’t need air-condition.

Morning after great slept. We found that the seaside view was super! The black beach is not for swim but just sitting there and enjoying the view brighten up our day.

After morning coffee by the sea, we went up about 10 km. for the delicious seafood and a good sand beach at Virgin Beach. It was pretty chilled day, we had a grilled red snapper and fried squid served with Balinese side dishes. It was so tasty and the price was reasonable! After food we brought ourselves out from quite crowded area to the east side, there were very beautiful. The sand wasn’t so white, it’s mixed with yellow-black-brown but very soft and sky was very blue with emerald water. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

We headed back to Candi Dasa around 4pm. and had some tasty bakery, muffin was so yummy and since then, every times I think about muffin, that one pop-up in my head. Ummmm

Around 5 pm., the vibe around started to be very soft and warmly beautiful. We went down to the black beach for a small walk, the sunset wasn’t so pretty but beautiful enough to fulfilled our day.


So, Candi Dasa for me is the lovely small seaside town that worth stopping by.

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