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Never Too Late To Learn: I learned to swim, surfing and snowboarding at my 30s.

They say it’s never too late to learn something new if you want to! I had never realized about this that much until I’ve learned some very new things like swimming, snowboarding and surfing at my 30s.

Last year in mid April, I started learning to swim. All my life before I had wanted to see the underwater. I had been to many aquariums, I had seen a lot of beautiful fish in the tank and at some point I had realized it sad to keep continuing like this… I wanted to see them in the ocean, I wanted to know how they are in the ocean far so I decided to seriously learn to swim.  Alex was my instructor. I was having some hip-float-over-water problem for a long time and Alex had never tired to joke about it. However, it was very fun to learn to swim with him (Right, I’m already survived from choking the water because he made me laugh almost all the time learning to swim! ). And I can swim finally. I’ve been training as much as I can. Exciting every time thinking about underwater.


Last year in mid August, when Alex and I were traveling on Bali,  we went to swim with the beautiful underwater creatures for the first time in my life and I totally fell in love with the ocean. While I was admiring the fish, I thought, yeah, no more aquarium! It fulfilled one of my dreams.

Snorkelling in Lovina, Bali

I also learned to surf for the first time in Bali.  I was so frightened when the first wave laundering and spinning me to the bottom of the sea! I had never known the feeling of being controlled by this powerful nature. Well, I’ve learned another big lesson that we won’t win, we will never win the great nature and what we needed to do is ‘let’s be friends’, right? Surfing made me realized about learning more to understand the nature. And yes, I still suck of surfing but I fell in love with it already.

DCIM112GOPROG6445926. Processed with Snapseed.
Learning to surf in Legian Beach, Bali

Also at the end of year, when we were living and traveling in Georgia, Alex asked me if I want to try snowboarding. The answer is, of course, YES, always yes! So our lesson began again! At the beginning, it was really hard. Many times, I almost gave up. I wasn’t understand right even how hard Alex was trying to teach me. I screwed up a lot.  I made to much pressure on my knee and it was pain for quite a long time!

As long as I didn’t give up, training more, trying harder. As I wished, it was getting better and better. It’s hard at the beginning, specifically, when we learn to do something very new.

As long as we don’t give up, WE WILL RIDE!

Snowboarding in Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgia

Some of my friends alway say that they are too old to learn something new, specifically sport! But really, I believe it’s never too late to learn. I don’t want to say “you have to believe…” but give it a try and you’ll see that you are capable of more than you know.




7 comments on “Never Too Late To Learn: I learned to swim, surfing and snowboarding at my 30s.


    your story is truly inspiring. I also love the ocean and would love to swim and then surf!

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  2. mycountryepoque

    lovely blog!

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  3. Thanks to you too, your story made me miss Mui Ne :) ~Anne

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