About Sweet Rovers Blog

About Sweet Rovers

Hi everyone! We’re Alex and Anne, Ukrainian guy and Thai girl; Two lovers from different lands who probably shouldn’t have met but somehow the roads converged so we’ve found each other.

Both of us travel to fulfill our dreams and curiosity. Curiosity makes us learn so much. Learning is never get old and we never know what lesson the world will give until we are somewhere unknown!

How things Started

3 years ago, I magically fell in love with a Ukrainian guy name Alex and learned that we have the same dreams to travel the world. So.. tick tock tick tock.. we started to travel together since then. A countless good and bad things happened and of course, a lot of difficult decisions have been made on the road together and that let us learned more and more about each other. Traveling together is a big challenge and a great opportunity to learn about one another, we can’t hide who we are from each other and every single details will naturally appear.

We got married in December, 2015. Continue fulfilling our dreams and grow old together.

Working, traveling and living life

Alex and I learned to work together. We combine our passion together. Our job consider as a Digital Nomads, working and wandering! What digital nomads need for work are a comfortable place with tasty food, laptops and better with internet :)


When we found a place that we clicked with then we stay longer. That’s right, not every place you fit in so you know what you want and you know when you’re there!

We believe that moving slower let us gather better experiences. More time to explore, absorb and learn.. And traveling will become more natural..